Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Get Ready! Wilson L Renovations Start This Month

photo credit: Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune
By Tracy Swartz, Red Eye

CTA riders who use the Wilson Red Line stop soon will need a new thesaurus.

For years, some riders have used words such as “dirty,” “disgusting,” “dilapidated,” “dangerous,” “depressing,” “sad,” “shabby,” “smelly,” “unsafe,” “frightening” and “horrible” in emails to RedEye to describe Uptown’s Wilson station, which dates back to the early 1900s.

But starting this month, the CTA is slated to begin work on a three-year, $203 million renovation project that will transform the Wilson stop into a transfer point for the Purple Line Express and a station accessible for riders with disabilities. Continue Reading


  1. The potential displacement of many rats into the surrounding blocks is troubling, but I think the end result will be really positive for the community. I'm thrilled it's finally starting!

  2. T Rex rat snap traps and the black boxes that come along with them work well. Bait the trap with a combination of peanut butter and ketchup. Of if you place the traps in a place outside where you won't notice the smell bait the trap by putting the dead carcass of a rat or mouse behind the trap in the box.

    While I've had mouse infestations in my house over the years I've never had a four legged rat problem. Two legged rats............that's another story.

    You place the boxes with the traps inside along walls of your building outside. If you have rats inside call a professional and get a big mean cat. Jack Russell terriers are also great ratters.

    Now my grandpa had some ways to kill rats. Soak a piece of bread in oil or creosote. Get a bucket or garbage can and do something along what this video shows. If your neighbors can see into your yard this might not please them. Nothing like a dozen dead rats floating in a bucket to cause some NIMBYish shit from neighbors.

    Remember you need to have a 2 x 4 to give the rodents access to the bucket or can. I've read stories about farmers using these methods and killing hundreds of rats in one night in one can. Locally you won't get than many, but just dump the carcasses in your compost or bury them. I like to read from Robert Frost's "Road Not Taken" as I dispose of dead rodents. Let their spirits know that they took the wrong "road" in approaching my house.