Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another Candidate Joins the 46th Ward Aldermanic Race

A third declared candidate has entered the 46th Ward aldermanic race.  An Uptown resident, Amy Crawford is a partner with the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis and on the board of North Side Community Federal Credit Union.  You can read more about her at her campaign website,

To recap the process:
  • City elections are in February 2015.
  • Candidates are now gathering voters' signatures to get their names on the ballot.
  • Nominating petitions of signatures are filed with the Chicago Board of Elections in November.
  • Candidates can be knocked off the ballot for not having enough valid signatures, or be challenged on other grounds.
  • Campaigning begins in earnest begins after the ballot is set. 


  1. Finally something interesting happening in the race. A two person race between Cappleman and Davis was likely to be as exciting as watching Lake Michigan on a cloudless near waveless night.

    Never heard of Amy before and I suspect that after she gets trounced in February I will never hear of her again, but perhaps she will prove me wrong. A quick glance at the internet tells me that she has an impressive academic pedigree. She went to the University of Chicago Law School. That ain't bad!

    She has given money to Democratic politicians at the local and federal levels. Said candidates include Emily Stewart in the last alderpalooza and President Obama in 2008. He might have been one of her professors when she went to the U of C law school. That ain't a bad thing to tie yourself to in a campaign in this ward. Hint hint. If you don't have an Professor Obama/Amy pic cheat and use photoshop.

    I do have some advice for Amy. This advice is free the next advice will cost ya.

    1. Get a real website. The wordpress URL makes you look like an amateur.

    2. Get a time machine and go back in time and get involved in the ward earlier and declare your candidacy about say 6 months ago. If you don't have a time machine talk to Littleton. He's an expert on everything and can probably twerk one up for you if you praise his "art".

    3. Out of the 11 faces not named Amy Crawford shown in photos on your homepage 10 are female and I'm guessing there's a high proportion of lesbians out of that 10. With the exception of the one "outlier" photo with the male the other photos all are likely from political events. Unless your running for Alderman of the Xena Warrior Princess fan club you need to add some photos to your collection. Get out there and gets some pics with the full scope and breadth of our fellow 46th ward citizens. Except for the bangers. Screw them.

    Now I know what all of you are saying and asking right now.

    1. Damn did IrishPirate really make that Xena crack? Funny, but arguably inappropriate. Lighten up folks life is too damn short. One day your cracking about Xena and the next day your struck down by a bolt of lightening from the heavens showing that Xena has some celestial "clout".

    2. IrishPirate as the leading political light in Uptown how do you think this will impact the race? Well I'm glad you asked that question. Amy certainly has an impressive background and by virtue of not being named Denice Davis she's certainly a more credible candidate than Denice. Then again just about anyone would be a more credible candidate than Ms Davis to include my ass if I could somehow get it on the ballot. (note to self register booty and start gathering signatures)

    3. What can we expect IrishPirate? Well, first you can expect stupid and insipid early morning commentary from me. Second, you can expect that as a litigator Amy will be an impressive presence at any debates. I would expect she would win...the debates not the election. Third, unless she's willing to put a whole lot of her own or family money into the election I doubt she will raise more than 50,000 smackeroos. That's the minimum I would expect someone to need to run a semi credible campaign in this ward.

    NOW I may be very wrong about that. She works at a top law firm with some deep pocketed attorneys so considering it's after 3am and I'm somewhere around legally drunk don't be surprised if I'm wrong.

    While it's likely I won't support her I do wish her luck. Elections should be contested with multiple serious candidates running. Amy has at least the bare minimum to be considered a serious candidate. I could picture her or someone like her being Alderman. Unless we're talking an alternative bizarro 46th Ward I can't picture Davis ever getting elected to anything here. Sorry Captain Cortez. You're a hard working guy, but you can't change the laws of election physics.

  2. Mom,

    they're attacking me over at Uptown Uprising.

    The only one worth responding to is Cortez. Besides the good work ethic Cortez on occasion displays common sense and a sense of humor. Cortez I didn't kill Uptown Update's comments section. It's now moved over to the FB page. I refuse to join FB so I'm stuck here ranting against the wind.

    Will some else join the race? Please. It gives my tiny brained enemies hope. The only sad thing about the coming electoral stomping they are going to receive is that it can only happen quadrennialy.

    Time for Trott and Paulus to comment over there next. I could write Paulus's likely comment word for word. Let's see use "mentor" add some other words and mix in a cocktail shaker of delusion and Jesus.

    As for Ms Crawford's candidacy helping Denice...ain't likely. It doesn't help Cappleman either. There are people out there who aren't happy with Cappleman, but would NEVER vote for Denice. They now have a place to go. Expect some of the smarter members, it's relative folks, of the Denice Juggernaut to abandon her in the coming weeks. By virtue of NOT being Denice there is now a vaguely reasonable alternative to Cappleman.

    If Crawford puts up a semi credible campaign I would even expect a good hunk of JPUSA to abandon Denice. It ain't gonna be purdy folks. It will be amusing. Picture the "Walking Dead" among the Uptown leftists.

  3. I see Amy has begun taking my early morning advice.

    New URL.

    I refuse to hyperlink. Damn hangover. Also changed up the photos a bit on her homepage. Good, more work to do though.

    Now if Amy is serious about running she needs to hold a meet and greet and fundraiser in the near term future. Say........yesterday. Don't make the mistake of asking for money up front. Just get yourself a meeting room in one of the local watering holes and have some light or dervishes or whirling dervishes or finger food and some liquid refreshments.

    Now in 1999 I may or may not have told then State Senator Barack Obama that running against Bobby Rush was not a winnable campaign for him. Go with me here. I may have told him that he was going to get his skinny ass beaten badly and that it would be the best thing that could happen. Said skinny assed State Senator Obama did lose and ultimately it was the best thing that could happen.

    We often learn more from loss than winning. Now he got about a third of the votes in that primary which surprised me. I figured he would get about half that amount. The more important thing though is he learned from the experience and kept on keeping on.

    Amy is likely to get trounced in this race, but if she works hard and learns a bit in the process she could keep on keeping on to elective office later. Or perhaps she will prove me to be more of a fool than my ex wives believe me to be and triumph in 2015.

    In the 2000 congressional race a certain skinny guy believed that Rush was "weak" because he got trounced by "da mare" in the 99 "mare's" race. Nuh huh. Academic credentials and a high IQ only go so far. You gotta have street cred and a presence on the ground. Unless you're in the 48th Ward and then you will just be handed various political offices. ...nother story dere'.

    Now running for office is a time consuming and difficult job......except in the 48th ward. Amy should plan to put her professional and personal lives on hiatus for the next 141 days. Then if she makes a runoff, I don't expect a runoff, she can add weeks more of 70 hours weeks.

    It ain't pleasant, but if elective office is what Amy wants then Amy is gonna have to work for it. You don't graduate from the U of Chicago law school without working hard so..............have at it.

    Walk the district, get a professional staff, and start working because your academic credentials aren't going to do it alone and even if you run a perfect campaign you damn well better hope James Cappleman gets caught naked in bed with the Octomom AND Lindsay Lohan.

    The only thing this wards politics lacks is sex scandals. Some people would see that as a good thing. Others, me, do not.