Friday, September 26, 2014

Medical Marijuana Dispensary A No-Go

Residents at the BPN Meeting on Monday
via a Buena Park Neighbors email blast:
"We had a great turnout last night.  60 people attended the meeting at Brennemann School and heard from Alderman Cappleman and Bill Petty about the Medical Marijuana Dispensary proposed to go in the building formerly known as Nick's Uptown (near Sheridan & Irving Park).

We will have a fuller report on the meeting in the October newsletter,but for now we want to let everyone know the result of the Medical Marijuana Dispensary proposal.  Basically there is none.  The people from Advance Herbal Alternatives, who were scheduled to give a presentation, didn't show up.  We also found out that Thorek has not signed a letter of intent with them, nor have they verbally agreed to lease any space  to them.  At the end of the meeting it was decided that the issue was essentially dead and if it resurfaces, Buena Park Neighbors will send out a notification."


  1. IF this later comes up and Thorek and the dispensary have a reasonable plan I hope the people who show up at the meeting vote for it. I've never used any illegal drugs in my life, I did drink before I was 21, but I believe that both for medical reasons and recreational reasons people who choose to should be allowed to toke up. This is America baby...let freedom reign.

    Put some weed in a Little Debbie cupcake or a Hostess Twinkie and I might imbibe myself.

    I found a link to an earlier DNA INFO story on the city council and medical weed. "Ald. James Cappleman (46th) cited his experience working in a hospice, adding, "I fully believe in the benefits of the medical use of cannabis."

    Good for him. Alderasshole Burke was aghast and wanted to ban dispensaries. Perhaps now that he's been diagnosed with cancer he might take a different view.

    I refuse to hyperlink. Burke is unworthy.

  2. What would this dispensary add to the neighborhood? Easy answer is jobs, but how many really? 5, 10? Nothing that comes close to matching Nick's. Income? Well sure, but how big of a market is there for medical marijuana, and again, not close to what Nick's was. There's a smokers store across the way, and I see the VERY real probability that some who get the medical marijuana for legitimate uses for themselves, would sell it. I say no. Good riddance.

    1. Flawed Logic.

      Nicks is closed, so any proposed business brings in more jobs, more revenue than it currently does. If you must compare a dispensary to a bar - there can be 13 dispensaries throughout the city, compared to how many bars?

      The dispensary would draw customers from a larger area - it wouldn't be a neighborhood hangout, it would be the only one in Lakeview Township. So I think you are underestimating the customer base.

      As for the "VERY real probability" of resale directly across the street, not a chance. For some (most) it would be medicine they need. For anyone considering a profit, they would need to be a lunatic to consider what you

      I have a qualifying medical condition, and I don't smoke (nor intend to.) I like extra money, but I really hate prisons, so becoming a dealer of small amounts of weed that I bought at a price equal to, or way above street value, with a paper trail that leads right back to me ensures I will make no money, and get arrested.

      You can be caught with possession of small amounts of cannabis, and pay a fine, or be charged with a misdemeanor. You can't sell it and say the same - that's felony territory, I believe. It's not taken lightly, in any event.

    2. Seriously? You think someone with advanced stage AIDS or MS or any of the other absolutely debilitating diseases one must have to qualify for this program has the interest or energy in selling their marijuana? You do realize these people need that marijuana that you think they'll just up and sell, right? Hand to god, this is one of the most ridiculous arguments I have EVER seen. The people who qualify for medical MJ in IL are DYING; they aren't drug dealers. To say "good riddance" to something that can help the dying shows me what kind of person you are - a terrible one.

  3. Looking forward to having these services available to those who need them. If you've been through Cancer or HIV (not to mention other illnesses) yourself or with a loved one, you'll know very well the benefits of Cannabis. Welcome to the neighborhood (whoever ends up opening up one in Uptown).

  4. Elbarto, actually selling small amounts of pot is taken lightly in Cook County.