Friday, September 5, 2014

Don't Have A Cow, Man

The Uptown Broadway Building, located at 4711 N Broadway, has a new friend out front, a former member of the herd in the popular Cows On Parade art exhibit.  It was donated by the Potocsnak Family, who also made a $2.5 million donation to Lurie Children's Hospital, a division of which is located in the Uptown Broadway Building. Read more about it at Windy City Times.


  1. I find it surprising that "da city" hasn't tried to do something like the "Cows On Parade" agin'. I'm speaking in "cowboy" right now......goll darnit.

    Relatively inexpensive for taxpayers and it brought in tourists by the covered wagon load. My memory is all the damn statues were sponsored by individuals or businesses. Are you listening, Rahm?

    Purchasing paint friendly cow statues isn't even all that damn naggit' expensive. Here's a quick link brought to you by the power of google and Crest. Four out of five dentists recommend Crest.

    Hell perhaps the Uptown Business Community could pull something together. I personally thought "FLATS" should have used sculpture instead of gray paint to brand their buildings, but then agin' what do I know?

    I'm sure our resident twerker/artist/community activist/nuclear physicist/traffic planner/urban planner/underground utilities expert/philosopher/nutritionist/wannabee politician/Navy Seal/curb cut commando etc etc could paint one or two.

    The "New York Night" one in the above link is interesting. Obviously something more Chicago centric would be used here. We could also use horse statues or sheep statues for those with distant Celtic ancestry. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

    1. I guess police horses will have to do.

  2. Mike Mike Mike,

    Excuse me when I whip out* my Cassandra personality(run for your lives--IP's court ordered therapy didn't take--he's whipping it out again) in response to your Coach Carroll persona.

    1. The horses are a memorial and as such the level of "artistry" allowed will be limited.

    2. While some cops would have no problem with kids climbing over said horse statuary others would be appalled at the lack of reverence. "It's an outrage. I saw some kids climbing over the horse at 35th and Michigan and giggling." You know the type--the perpetually outraged.

    3. I know you were just throwing that out there as an aside to my silly comment and hoping that perhaps a local business would rope a horse for Uptown, but unlike real Chicago Police Horses these horses aren't allowed outside. A quick glance at the links in the link you provided show the horses all inside buildings and airport hangars and such.

    We need outdoor statuary to spur tourism and bring in lovely tourist dollars that can be spent at our local Sonic.(waving to Littleton)

    *this was a purposeful reference to a famous line in "Blazing Saddles".