Sunday, August 31, 2014

"The Tarot Show" Coming To Uptown Arts Center

Coming in September to the Uptown Arts Center in the historic Preston Bradley Center:

The Tarot Show...
celebrating the elegant allegory of tarot

Opening Reception 5-8pm 
Saturday, September 27th
Exhibition thru October 26th, 2014

Tarot illustrates our attraction to insights into ourselves, our world, and our past, present and future.  Being more about choice than prediction and crossing the borders of conventional thought into our subconscious, tarot can become a meditative practice and a way to illuminate the complexity of human behavior.

On October 25th, Uptown Arts Center and The Tarot Show will be part of HI typ/O's Re-Mapping the Salon, a featured Chicago Artists Month event that travels between Chicago's neighborhoods every Saturday in October, engaging with local communities, and encouraging dialogue between artists and spaces. Performance artist Natalia Nicholson presents a creative response to The Tarot Show.

For more information, visit the UAC's website.

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