Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shots Fired At Clarendon Park And On Wilson Avenue

An absolutely ridiculous night for law-abiding Uptowners, as the gangs decided to play Wild West at two different locations.  As far as we know, no one was hurt.
  • Readers report hearing 20-25 gunshots fired at Clarendon Park around 10pm.  Police responded immediately and in force, as seen in the photo above.  The park was cleared.  A helicopter circled, and as late as midnight, there were still investigations going on and a large police presence.  Several readers saw shooters as they were near the park when the shooting took place.  One suspect is described as "Suspect M/B in his 20's, braids, all white clothing may have changed into black shirt."
  • Around the same time, there was a shooting on Wilson Avenue, across from Truman College.  A reader says, "Purple minivan getaway waiting on Racine drove north after hooded shooter shot 8-10 times, ran and drove away, hitting nobody."
Don't know what prompted tonight's violent outbursts; possibly the local youth were settling some scores before school starts and they settle down to studying for their degrees and doctorates.

Seriously, there's a gang war that involves affiliated gangs from Lakeview to Evanston.  Anything anywhere along the way could have sparked some payback.  Rogers Park and Edgewater murders have been linked to an Uptown rap conflict on YouTube, of all things.  Incidents like tonight's are so frustrating because they're so senseless to everyone except the participants.  Luckily, no lives were lost tonight.

Where there's gang violence, there's usually blowback, so be sure to call 911 if you see anything suspicious, any incidents that look like they're about to escalate into something more serious.


  1. We need to start treating the members of organized crime who are also known as the members of street gangs as the terrorists that they are. If only the members of law enforcement and local, state, and federal government could be trusted to round up the terrorists, and not just the usual suspects.

    (I tired to log in with Word Press but it stated that I was not me.)

  2. If there is a group of people just sitting around after dark at the park how about the police just ride by every few minutes and make them leave? It could be considered a waste of man power BUT that is where the people with the guns keep going and shooting them at each other.

  3. What colors do the Coservative Vice Lords wear?

    1. Let me google that for you. I was curious too.

    2. There is a website that will fill you in on everything you wanted to know about your neighborhood gangs. The map feature is especially helpful...

  4. Thank you great statist mobstrosity that you are, confiscating my money and "giving" it to people who hate me, my culture, my very existence. I'm so glad to have a choice in the matter of continually supporting mobs of youth that eat and sleep under a roof that my limited labor and savings subsidize. Thanks for taking credit Cappelman, for stealing out of my pockets and then magically handing over bags of money in your name to causes that you use to get re-elected. May such an enterprising activity never end,
    Thank you public schools for making me such an indoctrinated pliable little sheeple who will forever believe that the state has the answer. Just wait for them to decide what to do with your life. How in the world did any of us survive without some "official" telling us what to do...