Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NUNA Helps Secure Grant For Garden At 4919 N. Clark

Envision's Kathryn Kruger Center at 4919 N. Clark
Good news from North Uptown Neighbors Association (NUNA):

The United Airlines Foundation awarded five Eco-Skies Community Grants nation-wide to support employee-sponsored environmental service projects to help protect or enhance the environment in the communities where we live and work.  The organizations that received grants include Sadiq Garden (Missouri), Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Ohio), Heal the Bay (California), Sweet Virginia (Virginia), and Envision Unlimited (Illinois - Uptown).
North Uptown Neighbors Association (NUNA) members worked to secure this grant for Envision Unlimited.  Envision’s Kathryn Kruger Center is located 4919 N. Clark Street and serves ten seniors with developmental disabilities and 17 adults with autism.  Our objective is to transform the Center’s outdoor space from an unwelcoming asphalt pad into a vibrant green space for both clients and community members to enjoy.  The grant value is five thousand dollars.  Envision Unlimited is a non-profit human services provider, that has been operating in the City of Chicago continuously since 1964.  Envision enhances the lives and expands the future for 1,200 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities across all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

The Envision Project

    -Elizabeth Lindau, NUNA Vice President who was familiar with Envision’s desire to improve their facility developed the project plan and will act as project manager.
    -Seven United Airlines employees who are NUNA members (Jackie Denofrio, Michael O’Gara, and Jimmy Sanders) and close neighbors (Jack Quinones, David Friedland, Mike Oslansky, and John Kirchberg) sponsored the United Airlines Eco-Skies Grant securing the funding.
    -NUNA member Margot is dedicated to bringing together NUNA members, friends, and her business associates to plant the flowers and shrubs.  Alderman Pawar would like to join us to plant.      

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