Sunday, August 24, 2014

Man Shot At Clarendon & Windsor

We're hearing that six shots were fired around 9:30pm at Windsor and Clarendon, just a couple blocks from the scene of last night's craziness.

Clarendon is blocked at Wilson, as there are many first responders at the scene, including a heavy police presence and an ambulance.

Our friends with scanners tell us it's a Conservative Vice Lord gang member shot in the shoulder, in good condition.

Again, gang retaliation is quick in Uptown.  If you see anything like a group gathering, or something that makes you think a situation is going to become volatile, call 911.  There are a ton of cops in the area, both undercover and in uniforms, so if you see anything, call!

And via Twitter from Ald. Cappleman:


  1. So sick of this! Two nights in a row there were shots fired right across the street (Clarendon Park) from where I live!

  2. Cappelman has a standard response. Why doesn't he step up and increase penalties for crimes, but pressuring judges and not be a puppet. How about we stop promoting so much low income income housing. How about we develop a huge property that would make the area nicer?

    1. It was only about four years ago that Alderman Helen Shiller's response to shootings go on vacation. Then when she did meetings with Richie Daley to drum up support in the Ward for hosting the Olympics, she got cornered by large numbers of constituents who were angry that she prioritized her vacation when people were getting shot outside of her "service" office...and they were angry that she had nothing to say about all the shootings. Of course, this was also at the time when she was robbing Peter (the Wilson Yard TIF) to pay Paul (Voice of the People) by siphoning off as much money as she could to remodel all of Voice's apartments and install solar panels for them. And Voice still apparently has gang problems in their buildings, even though they swear up and down that they don't. The last two big gang parties that got broken up on Clifton were at a Voice building.

      I don't know what a single sole alderman can do to increase penalties for crimes, let alone p.ressure independent judges to do something different (and that in and of itself could open a can of worms). I don't see Cappleman (note the correct spelling of your alderman's name) promoting lots of low income housing, either--I believe that O.N.E. and the Twerking One have been throwing fits and protests because they believe he's reducing the number of available low-income units, especially in SROs. And the Ward Zoning and Planning Committee is certainly messy and lacking direction a lot of the time, causing things like development at Montrose and Clarendon to take longer...but at least the neighborhood has a voice in these matters: four years ago, Helen Shiller made those decisions herself, apparently based on how big the contributions to her campaign fund were.

      Is Cappleman perfect? HELL no! I think he brings too much of the social worker to the job at times, and he tends to circle back to the same sort of responses about things like crime...but at least he responds, and he does a far better job of communicating than his predecessor ever did. He comes off as bland, fluffy, and NICE...I personally would love to see him get angry in public, even if it's just for the effect, and chew out people in City Hall on our behalf. It would make his milquetoast reputation and perception evaporate overnight.

  3. Contact Mayor Emanuel. We need more police officers. Failing that, he needs to call the National Guard. Arrest all gang members involved in violence. Many are coming up here from the south & west sides. Lock them up and throw away the key. They shouldn't be permitted to run their businesses and take over Clarendon Park & Field House.