Thursday, August 7, 2014

Curbed Chicago: JDL Confirms Maryville Development On Hold

JDL's proposal for Montrose & Clarendon

In case you missed it, Curbed Chicago heard from JDL, the developer for the Maryville development, and they confirmed that the project is on hold. More info here.


  1. Whoo Hoo so another 3 lots sit and do nothing positive for the community. Don't take my TIF money, needs to have 75% affordable housing. Cry me a river.. What a waste of time and resources. I may not have all the facts, but the fact remains that this developer is trying to do something good for the community, but people are against it who get government subsidized to live hear. Don't take the TIF money but I'll take my government check thank you.

    Blast away!!

  2. Agree, but have no fear Cappleman would be all over promoting this if it low income housing. What a scam he has been, He said would reduce crime and bring business to the area. All he has done is increased crime and run business out of Uptown. He is a joke!!!

    1. I too would like to see increased development in our neighborhood but what evidence do you have that Cappleman is running businesses out of Uptown? I agree that the pace of improvement may not be as quick as many would like but what has Cappleman done in your view to prevent that? I see positive things around the neighborhood all over the place. Community change takes time after decades of mismanagement and neglect.

    2. Very simple, How many business have you seen open? How many closed store fronts are there?

      I know personally of a Bar chain and restaurant that wanted to come into town. but decided to go elsewhere directly because of Cappleman being in office. He cares more about catering to the homeless and poor, than tax payers, who want development

    3. Really? Let's see Sonic doesn't serve alcohol so that must not be the bar/restaurant you're referring to. Hooters? That's right up your alley. Me personally I prefer Tilted Kilt for the Guinness and the short kilts.

  3. I really hope they figure out a way to get this done, but it has got to be a major frustration for the developer dealing with Uptown's old guard who resist any semblance of change. God forbid we actually move some tax payers into the neighborhood.

  4. People keep commenting that the community wants this development but if that is the case why hasn't it happened? The developers deal with the zoning committee (that Cappleman formed, not "the old guard") which is supposed to be a direct link to the people in the neighborhood so if the zoning committee and JDL can't come to an agreement that means the people don't want this particular huge building. People that don't live within the few surrounding blocks may want this development but the neighbors that live in direct vicinity of this location know how much of a traffic and parking nightmare this will add to the already out of control problem.
    Ultimately JDL is the one that has put this on hold even with the offer of 14M in TIF funds so no one is to blame but them. I do believe that everyone agrees this land needs to be developed but it seems that a 700+ unit building isn't the best thing to go here.

  5. You ask so many questions, what answers should I choose?
    Is it schizoid paranoia or just existential blues?

    What's likely happening here is JDL and/or their investors/lenders are looking to have the profitability of this potential development UPPED and are using this "timeout" as a negotiating tactic.

    Could I be wrong? Yes.

    Am I wrong? I don't think so. From their point of view they want to maximize the potential profits while minimizing potential losses. That's not unreasonable and to be expected. Now I don't like the entire TIF program. It's been abused since its creation and distorts the market and it and other similar programs should likely be outlawed at the federal level. States and various local governments vying with one another using tax breaks etc distort the entire business climate.

    Now I know this will cause heartburn for Chicago2013, but one way to get this project underway would be to increase the density. Another way would be to increase the TIF money. A third way would be to decrease the amount of subsidized housing. How bout' we pick one and three and see what happens?

    Five more stories isn't going to kill anyone. One problem with having a complicated "community process" is that it's time consuming and compromises generally result in unnecessary changes or concessions. Everyone is not going to be happy with what's being built here. So friggin what?

    Get some version of this development underway and it's a positive for the overall community and Cappleman's reelection prospects. Don't get it underway and it won't materially affect his reelection chance, which is virtually 100 Percent, but will harm Uptown's prospects and his reelection prospects in 2019. One always has to think four moves ahead. I played chess against Bobby Fischer in Iceland prior to his death. It was an honor to have him kick my ass while listening to him rant about the illuminati. Or am I just making that up? Is it existential blues or something else?

    Reasonable people, of whom there seem to be too few posting here, expect that it will take time to make positive changes in Uptown. Cappleman deservedly benefits from that reasonableness. If Maryville sits empty and vacant come 2019...............THAT would be a legitimate campaign issue.

    We're lucky, and the city is lucky, that we have an alderman who is generally pro development. There are a number of alderman in other wards who should be introduced to the sharks at the Shedd Aquarium. What Alderman Smith has done regarding the Children's Hospital property in Lincoln Park should result in her being tossed from office at a high velocity. Don't even get me started on the aldermen in the larger downtown area. I can feel my blood pressure rising.

    Uptown belongs to the future and it is our obligation to insure that that future is better than today. Same goes for Chicago as a whole.

    We should use the power of the zoning to insure a great dense building is constructed. Something we can look at and say "Damn, that's a great and dense building." I understand greatness and density. I am greatly dense.

    So endeth the rant.

  6. PS

    My suggestion to the Capplemaniac is simple. Find out what will work for JDL and IF it's relatively reasonable damn the torpedos and screw the complaints and approve it. Months or years more of petty neighbors with their personal agendas and selfish concerns should NOT be allowed to stand in the way of this getting built.

    There comes a time to stand up at a community meeting and tell some folks that they aren't going to get everything they want. That's both good public policy and good politics.

    Where Rahm has screwed up is by trying to spin everything. Just tell the damn truth that Uptown and Chicago desperately need the infusion of market rate development and let the critics go pound sand at Montrose Harbor.

    Real estate cycles come and go and while it's likely we're in the beginning of this cycle one never knows. We lost some good potential developments around 2007 because of the economy tanking. Two of those developments are now a 7-11 and a Walgreens. Just what we needed. More convenience stores and drugstores. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

    Is it schizoid paranoia...........or just existential blues?

    If one wants a "sop" to the NIMBYS and greenies mandate that a certain number of parking spaces be set aside for car sharing services. That will reduce the number of cars people in the building have and bring joy to the heart of Chicago2013.

  7. What is happening is JDL is realizing that the market has changed. Homes are selling fast and inventory is really low. They are probably sick of deal with a Alderman that has no balls to say yes. JDL probably said lets take our money and spend it somewhere else and when Uptown finally says ok, The negotiations will be in their control. Cappleman is in office to be a popular puppet, I live right near this development and all for this, If you don't want traffic or development. People should move to the burbs, It is the City and development happens everywhere.

    1. CIU,

      to channel Samuel L Jackson: Do you write something resembling standard written English? There's also a profanity that needs to be in that question, but this is a PG rated blog generally.

      Your writing "style" reminds me of a guy who used to live in Uptown and post here. I doubt your him though as he moved back to Bridgeport. He used to drive around Uptown in a car loaded with anti Obama stickers and had fairly open masturbatory fantasies of various "wiseguys" from the seventies and eighties.

      In any case you don't like Cappleman. That's fine. Perhaps if he would wear a fedora, speak in monosyllables, and try to run some hookers in from the SE Asia you would like him.

      As for Maryville let's see what happens over the next 3-9 months. Time will tell as they say.

  8. AKA: Cancelled. JDL realized it was a bad idea to invest in Uptown and they backed out. I mean after the 100th shooting why would you build? Let the area cool down in a few decades and then try again.

  9. Well, I did move 3 months ago for the sole reason of not being able to drive my car because it takes 45 minutes to find somewhere to park- but didn't have to go all the way to the suburbs. Moved less than 1/2 mile from where I previously lived, directly adjacent to Maryville. After years of trying to get the alderman to assist with the lack of parking (I offered several times to help be a part of the solution) in the immediate area and trying to rent a space within 3 blocks for less than $300, there was no choice but to move in order to secure a parking spot closer than 7 blocks to where I lived. Moved out of Cappelman's ward and I've never been happier.
    Yes, I realize development happens all over the city and I guess I don’t word things very well to get my point across- the message I tried to convey is that if they want to add 700+ units to an already congested area, developers should have to take into consideration the traffic and parking they will be adding as to not increase the problem to drastically. The problem will increase in the area but with the assistance of the developers, there are solutions to alleviate some of the traffic and parking they will be bringing to the neighborhood. Not looking for them to solve the problem, just alleviate some of it that their development will bring.
    For anyone that doesn't understand this issue, try finding a parking space after work when softball teams are playing at Clarendon Park fields, try finding a parking space on a weekend when the overflow from Montrose beach is parked on every residential street near Montrose/Clarendon/Agatite. Shortly after the alderman took office, the use of the Maryville lot ended and he did nothing to try and make up for that lost parking. Never expected a solution, just some assistance in making the issue better (easier to park at times), it will never go away just trying to lessen the issues.
    Even though I have moved, I continue to speak out on the parking in the area because no one takes the problem seriously. I was forced to move from an apartment I loved and lived in for over 11 years because I had to drive my car ( public transport was not an option for getting to job locations) and could not find a parking spot to rent for under $300 within 3-4 blocks of my house. My friends that live on that street still have said parking has only continued to get worse. I can’t imagine…

  10. Uptown has decreased in density over the last few decades. The 1990 census was 63,839 and 2010 was 56,362. Now that the Wilson CTA station will have a southern entrance, this specific lot has sufficient public transit options. People in other parts of the city wish they had similar Red Line access and express buses downtown. I agree that the developer should be allowed to increase the height of the building to make the economics work. Complaining about "parking" is a poor excuse to vote no on this project.

  11. The parking issue could be fixed if the alderman had any concern other than low income housing. The reason they stopped letting people park at maryville, was because of Cappleman, but have no fear he will convince everyone that he is doing great things in the area. If he wasn't a puppet, he would tell JDL that they have to include a parking garage for free parking to local residents. This will be a win/ win for both parties, but of course he won't do anything unless told.

    What I also don't get is people's complaint's about TIF funds, didn't people complain about Wilson yard? Seems that Target has done well for the area? We need to find an Aldermen that will stand up for citizens, but also be able to say yes let's move fwd. All James does is say yes to Rahm and I don't know to everyone else

  12. Crazy- thanks for supporting my concern. He is the reason they stopped letting us use the Maryville lot. Although free parking would be nice, we shouldn't expect something for nothing. Even if they allot 150 parking spaces for rent at market value of $150 a month that would allow the people that can afford the rent to have a space and alleviate some of the congestion on the street to make it easier for those that cannot afford to rent a spot.

    1. Really? What do you base that claim on? And really, if you want to live someplace that only has on-street parking, you need to be prepared for new construction that will alter parking availability. Otherwise, look for a place that has Off-street parking on-site...or be prepared to pay market-rate for off-street parking...or take public transit or bike...or move where you don't need to DRIVE. Get real. The buildings that don't have their own parking off-street need to do their own problem-solving instead of expecting the City to swoop in an fix a building's lack of planning, and don't expect neighboring buildings to take pity and offer a bunch of cut-rate parking out of the goodness of their hearts--space costs money, dummy. If someone came to me with a sob story of "I used to be able to park on your property, and even though you're using your property, I want to park there again for free or for a cut rate, because I don't like having to drive around looking for a place to park...", I would say SCR*W YOU. You may be hearing that right now. And I will break out my violin and play a sad and plaintive tune to accompany your misery. Parking may be bad, but it will get worse--look at the area along LSD from Belmont to Irving Park for an example. The buildings that create the problem by having no or little off-street parking need to stop with the whining and become part of the solution by looking what they can do alone or together to create their own off-street parking if it's absolutely necessary, or negotiate or pool resources to construct parking decks where there are private parking lots now. Get at it.

  13. Bear- you obviously have not been following what I have said because so much in your comment is absolutely contrary to things I have said and done. I know why the nuns quit letting the neighborhood use the lot because they used to communicate directly with our neighborhood association, CPNA. When I moved to that location over 11 years ago, (a lot was different 11 years ago) there wasn't as big of a parking issue because we were able to use the Maryville lot. If use of that lot wasn't available, I would not have moved to that location. After the lot was no longer available for use, I did contact the alderman's office on several occasions to inquire about how we could alleviate some of the parking issue. I offered my assistance with the problem, saying I would serve on a committee or do what I could to help. I NEVER contacted the alderman and told him to fix it without offering to be a part of the solution. I searched for off street rental parking within a few blocks of where I lived. There are two lots on the corners of Hazel/Windsor. One of the lots did not have any management signs and I could not figure out who to contact to find out about rental spots. I left notes on the building next to the lot and received no response from anyone. I contacted the alderman's office and asked if they could assist me by letting me know who managed the lot on the corner of Hazel/Windsor so I could contact them about renting a space. The alderman's office responded to me that there was not a parking lot on that corner. They were wrong- there's two lots, one on the SE corner and one on the SW corner of that intersection??? The closest rental spot I found was 2 blocks from my house, which was a great location but the rent was $300 per month, which is double what the market rate for parking is. The next closest space I found was 7 blocks from my house, which was not convenient, especially in the winter when 3 of those blocks sidewalks do not get shoveled. I never asked anyone for free parking- my comment above even states that we shouldn't expect anything for free- did you read that?? Ultimately, I did have to move out of a building I loved, lived in for over 11 years with a great landlord (which is hard to find) because of the parking problem. No need to break out your violin, I'm not looking for any pity, never asked for pity or a hand out. I solved my own problem- just as you suggested, only I did it months ago. Go back and read the postings and you will see how much of what you suggested are things I already did.
    It's a shame when people on this website just pick and pick and make others feel like they need to defend themselves. (This is not directed at IrishPirate, even though he does disagree with my opinion sometimes, he can state his opposition without having to degrade me) Every time I comment on this site, I have to defend myself because I am bullied by other commenters, told my opinion is wrong and that I’m wrong. No one’s opinion is ever wrong, everyone is allowed to believe what they want. I’ve always made it clear that I’ve tried to be part of the solution with any issues I have, I’m not the person that just complains and expects someone to do the work for me to fix whatever I think is wrong. When did it become acceptable for people to degrade others for their opinons? Why does UU allow them to do so?
    Bear's entire comment was complete negativity directed at me for no good reason because all of what he said was inaccurate and even proven so based on my other comments on the topic.
    I appreciate UU sharing news in the neighborhood and like the website but I'm done coming on the site because it allows people to bully others based on their opinions, which is uncalled for. It’s childish like a five year old on the play ground running around saying nah nah nah nah nah.