Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cappleman Throws His Hat In The Ring For Second Term

Not that there was much doubt about it, but Ald. James Cappleman (46th Ward) formally announced his intention to run for reelection today with an invitation to his new campaign office's open house.

Located at 4660 North Broadway, it is located in the storefront where his 2011 run-off opponent, Molly Phelan, had her campaign office.

This makes it official:  all three Uptown aldermen will run for second terms.

Ald. Harry Osterman (48th Ward) and Ald. Ameya Pawar (47th Ward) each announced their intentions to run for re-election earlier this year.

Candidates interested in having their names placed on the aldermanic ballots may begin collecting signatures on their nominating petitions in late August.  Petitions are turned in to the Board of Elections in November and then the fun begins: we get to see whose names will appear on the ballot.


  1. Ah, across the street from my favorite hardware store. Right on Blood Alley. Down the street from the wonderfully run Cornerstone Shelter. Well at least the Ace is a good thing.

    Captain Hook--ergh over at Uptown Uprising sent me a Facebook invite a few hours ago for this. Well he sent it to one of my FB id's.


    I refuse to hyperlink. They will be protesting Cappleman's campaign opening. I picture Littleton twerking and mugging for the camera as young Ryne tries to act butch and angry. I recommend he wear the Palestinian kaffiya depending on the weather. It goes so well with his crazy eyes.

    I think soon he will be announcing that he has found distant native American ancestry and has just been accepted into the Wannabee tribe. If you check out the Uptown Uprising Facebook page from yesterday you will see that he apparently finds it appalling that too many white people live in Uptown and would like to see the number of palefaces reduced to no more than forty percent. That means in a theoretical game of musical chairs 1 outta 3 palefaces would have to leave. He of course won't be participating in that game. He will be the referee. I hope I don't get scalped in the "ethnic cleansing".

    He will choose who lives here. I think he should change his name to Binyamin Nitandyahoo as he seems to want to resettle a good portion of Uptown with a new chosen people. Thankfully, he lacks access to military grade weaponry or this could get ugly quickly.

    I look forward to the coming election. I can't really work up the level of hatred I had for Helen Shiller toward Denice, her minions, and the Uprising crowd, but it's something. They are so clearly outclassed and incompetent it's like watching a major league baseball team, not named the Cubs, play the world series against a little league team.

    Of course someone more formidable than Denice with a C may join the race against Cappleman. If anyone else announces I would expect it before Labor Day. Jeff Littleton: A ward turns its lonely eyes to you..........coo coo ca choo.

  2. I wonder how many of the bozos on that FB group own property in Uptown...

    1. I don't wonder whether you own property in Uptown.

      Nice name u got dere.

      I should change my screen ID to "MyOtherRideIsNamedStacy".

      I see you must be bored today. I'll go over to DNA and see how busy you were earlier.