Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ashland Water Main Replacement Project - September Through December

If your commute takes you along Clark, Damen, or Ashland, read this.  Gonna be a PITA for a few months, but if you broke an axle on one of Ashland's many potholes last winter (I did!) or were forced to play Bode Miller just trying to drive down the street, you'll know it's a good thing in the long run, not only for century-old pipes running under the street, but for a complete repavement of Ashland.

From Ald. Pawar:

  • "Starting next week (Tuesday, September 2nd), contractors working with DWM will begin replacing the water mains installed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries under Ashland Avenue from Irving Park to Lawrence. After the water main work is complete, Cook County will be providing the funds to resurface the entire stretch of Ashland between Irving Park and Lawrence. 
  • Please note that the southbound lanes of Ashland between Montrose and Irving Park will not have the water main replaced, but will be resurfaced as part of this project.
  • The entire project, including restoration, is expected to be completed by the beginning of December.
  • Crews will work in four-block segments on Ashland, and full lane closures will be necessary during their work for safety reasons. Work will be in progress Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm. 
  • Thanks, in advance, for your patience as the City completes this needed update to our aging infrastructure.
  • Crews will begin on the northbound lanes at Ashland and Irving Park and work their way to Montrose. They will then move to the northbound lanes between Montrose and Lawrence. During working hours, ALL northbound traffic on Ashland will be detoured to Clark St. 
  • They will then move to the southbound lanes between Lawrence and Montrose. Southbound traffic will be detoured to Damen via Lawrence during this time. The project is expected to be fully completed by late November. 
  • As crews make progress, there will be interruptions to E/W traffic across Ashland Avenue."


  1. Wasn't Sheridan supposed to be repaved as part of the water main replacement in Buena Park? They repaved the side streets, but Sheridan is worse than ever. Searching on this site revealed nothing.

  2. Yes,

    See here: