Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shots Fired At Clarendon Park Tuesday Night

Multiple readers are reporting shots fired at Clarendon Park around 5:30pm on Tuesday.

The reader who sent in this photos says, "So far the only victim is this car's windows."  Considering that there's a tot lot right there, as well as street traffic, benches, pedestrians, and basketball courts, it's lucky that the car windows were the only casualty.

We believe there is park security in place, and are told that the police responded quickly.

We urge concerned citizens and neighbors to come to the CAPS meeting for this beat, which takes place at Clarendon Park Fieldhouse tonight, at 7pm.  Amy, the co-facilitator of the meeting, says:

"These meetings are your monthly opportunity to talk with police officers who work in the neighborhood, your neighbors, and community representatives about public safety issues. There are always many public safety issues to talk about in the summertime, and we continue to strive towards constructive solutions to community safety concerns."

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  1. 8 shootings just last night in city 2 killed-this is crazy.Our mayor should call for help from state troopers or national guard and clean this gun stuff up.People can not even drive down the street without getting shot at.