Monday, July 28, 2014

Filming: A Car Chase Under The El Tracks

If you live near the el tracks along Kenmore between Buena and Irving, expect some excitement this weekend.  Sense8, the Netflix series guided by the Wachowski siblings (who were responsible for The Matrix, among other things) will be back in Uptown filming.

This time, it appears there will be car chase and car crash filmed under the tracks.  If you park back there, you are asked to move your car on August 1 and 2nd.  According to the notice, the production will provide temporary parking for you, but you need to get a permit from Ald. Cappleman's office, located at 4454 North Broadway.  The office is open 9 to 5 Tuesday through Friday, and 9 to 7 today.

Thank you to reader Mark Vanderah for providing this to us.

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