Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Unit Building Coming To 4627 Beacon

The western face of the 7 unit condo coming to 4627 Beacon (DesignBridge)
Looks like the excavation notice we posted for 4627 Beacon stating a single-family home would be built were incorrect. Via Ald. Cappleman's latest email blast:

"DesignBridge architect sent in plans for a residential building for the 4627 N. Beacon site. The building meets all of the underlying zoning setbacks and requirements, with seven units, seven garaged parking spaces including a handicapped space, and the required rear yard open space. These are all three bedroom/two bath units and the garden apartment is ADA accessible. All upper units will have two private outdoor spaces, while the garden apartment will have a walkout "patio." The top two units will also have roof access to a private roof deck. The required ADA access ramp has been integrated into the fence design which features a brick clad knee wall."

1 comment:

  1. Quick someone notify the Paul Revere of Sheridan Park, the Uptown Artist Known as Littleton, to spread the word to the Sheridan Park NIMBYS: The Condos are Coming. Rinse. Repeat. He really won't need a torch considering the reflective properties of his hair. I'm not sure where he would get a horse though. Those stables in Old Town?

    Someone purchased that lot as a "short sale" in 2012 for $350,000. The previous owner and likely lender took a financial bath and the new owner did very well.

    Given the zoning there really isn't much that could be done to stop this. That's too bad. Quick let's get the city council to pass an ordinance declaring that this land can only be used for(insert choice of low income housing here).

    Then we can have years of litigation that the city will lose and the legal and settlement costs will reach millions of dollars..................YEA!

    There are alderman out there who would try that. Thankfully Cappleman isn't one of them.

    The Condos are Coming! The New Phones Books are Here! Ack. Blech. Thpppt.

    This city desperately needs what market rate development we can get. Seven units ain't much, but it's sumtin'.