Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stop, Thief!

It's nice out (finally), and folks who are up to no good are out with the sunshine and foliage.  There've been a lot of home invasions and attempted home invasions taking place during the day over the past couple months. So some reminders:
  • NEVER let people you don't know into your building. They can roam the halls and use crowbars to get inside apartments, relatively unseen.  Don't give them that chance.
  • If you see someone you think is suspicious hanging around your neighbor's door, ask him what he's doing. The last thing burglars want is nosy neighbors.
  • Ask your neighbors who might be home during the day to keep an eye out.
  • Keep your doors and windows locked.  If you have a home alarm, use it.
  • Keep your bikes locked.
  • CALL 911 if you are the victim of or see an attempted break-in.  The idea is not only to stop the bad guys from committing that particular crime, but to get them off the street and to prevent them from committing any future break-ins.  The cops need to know about crime patterns to stop them.
Just today, we heard from a reader on Beacon, where another multi-unit building has experienced at least three break-ins during daylight hours:
  • "Reminder to keep doors and windows locked and get your landlord to fix broken locks etc. Today around 11am a man tried entering my apt. No knock, just tried the handle and pushed a few times. I was not dressed and did not open the door but I watched him through the peep try another door, then go downstairs. This is a multi-floor building with indoor hallway on 4500 block of Beacon. Keep an eye out, stay safe, and get those doors and windows fixed. It would be awesome if you could share."
And a few weeks ago:
  • "Recently there has been a rash of random people that have been buzzed into our building.  I work from home and just now a person just tried to open my front door.  As soon as the person was aware, I was home, he knocked and said he was from "ComEd".  I only talked to him through the door and didn't get a chance to look at him.  I'm not sure if other people are experiencing this, but this is concerning."

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