Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sheridan Park Meeting on Proposed Upzoning of 4642 N Magnolia

For those who live in Sheridan Park --

There will be a community meeting on Monday, June 16th, for discussion and voting on the question of whether to upzone the empty lot at 4642 N Magnolia to RS-3.5, from RS-3.

This would give the owners the opportunity to spllit the lot into two parcels, and build a single-family home on one, and a three-flat on the other.

The lot is currently zoned for a single-family home; the house which had been on the lot for over 100 years was demolished by the owners last February.

The meeting will be held at Truman College, in Room 1907, at 7pm.

You can read more about the request here.

Update:  Interesting.  The current owners, who once said they would knock down the house and leave the empty lot there for years, have listed the lot for sale.  "INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY FOR A CUSTOM HOME SITE OR BUILT 2 SPEC HOMES. HUGE OVER-SIZED 50X162 FOOT LOT WITH RS3 ZONING. PROPERTY IS ALREADY CLEARED."

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