Monday, June 23, 2014

Pie Hole Uptown Closed, As Well As Boystown Location

So sad to hear from Doug, the owner of Pie Hole Pizza, that "The rumors are true, folks: the time came for us to shut our Pie Hole. Thanks for the memories and lessons."

You may have heard that Pie Hole Boystown was planning to close after the Pride Parade and all operations would move to the Uptown/Andersonville location.  But apparently the tax people had other plans.  This photo was taken last week and we've been awaiting word on what would happen. It's not the news we were hoping for.

Update:  From Doug Brandt on UU's Facebook page:  "Hey guys, Doug here from Pie Hole Pizza Joint... THANK YOU ALL for your love and support and understanding. (I'm writing this before any haters post in this thread.) I tried to run an honest business above the table, but with a very, very tight budget. In the end, the pressures, responsibilities, challenges, mechanical issues, burdens and regulations that come with owning two locations... it was all overwhelming and ultimately not possible to do. I fought till the end, trudging through the mud, trying to turn things around at the last minute, but it was too late. And I'm sorry for that. It ain't easy! But the love and support from you all and from Uptown Update is a blessing... Thank you again, so much."