Thursday, June 12, 2014

How Would You "Redefine The Drive" ?

It's hard to read, so click on the flyer below for a larger version.  The people behind "Redefine the Drive," the upcoming redesign of North Lake Shore Drive, are holding a meeting with workshops and multimedia input.  It's not until July, but they'd like to know your idea, whether they be submitted via sketches, an online mapping program, or written descriptions.


  1. Here's an easy one to start -- how about, instead of wasting a ton of taxpayer money renting out the biggest room at the Drake, they hold it in a school gym instead?

    1. Luke, the meeting isn't about saving money. It's about getting people to come in and give their opinions, for up to six hours. Are you really telling me you'd like to sit around a school gym for six hours? Cuz I'd be a whole lot more willing to sit at the Drake than on sweaty wooden bleachers.

      Good luck finding a school gym that's hooked up to wi-fi and has sufficient wiring to handle multiple electronic devices and a multi-media presentation.