Monday, June 16, 2014

4027 N. Broadway Rendering Reveal

Studio Dwell's design for 4027 N. Broadway (via SpyGuy at Skyscraperpage Forum)

If you've wanted a better rendering of what to expect from Akara Partners' plan for a 20 unit apartment building at 4027 N. Broadway, you are in luck. Buena Park Neighbors has requested that Akara add ground level retail so that is the big thing missing from this preliminary rendering. Thoughts?


  1. I was at the meeting and have to say it looks pretty good. While I'm not sure ground level retail is a bonus considering the small square footage available, I'm more than happy to hope for the best.

    I just wish the TOD guidelines either included bus routes or increased the door-to-door distance to say, 1200' instead of 600'. If wishing made it so.

  2. I'd like to request that the NIMBY's who are requesting ground level retail(deleted because of rapacious profanity and scatological language).

    The stretch of Broadway from Irving to Buena is a mix of commercial/office and residential. For the most part the commercial properties are fugly and the residential properties are attractive or could be if maintained properly.

    There is plenty of vacant or underutilized retail in that stretch of Uptown/N Lakeview. What the area needs is PEOPLE living in attractive well maintained market rate housing--not more vacant or underutilized commercial space.

    Now given the height of the medical office building across the street this building could easily be a few stories taller, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........

    Lord, Save Uptown from those who claim to love Uptown. Save Chicago from those who claim to love it. Save me before my head explodes...........

  3. Actually looks better than I was expecting. The curb cut caught me by surprise, but I guess there's no alley in back for cars to enter off. At least it's so modern and so different, it's not like more boring cloned-brick buildings.

  4. Replies
    1. Most likely, though is that a bad thing? I mean, wouldn't we want more residents with the means to afford such a place (and the disposable income to spend in the area)?

      I mean sure, I'd like it if it were cheaper so I could afford it, though that's what graduate school is for.

  5. Curb cut is garbage and mars one of the great walking streets in Chicago. Ban parking minimums they are ruining this city.