Monday, May 12, 2014

Second Stewart/CTA Planning Meeting Tonight

A reminder that the second community planning meeting will be held tonight regarding community feedback about that fate of the empty Stewart School and the empty lots that will be left behind after the Wilson CTA rebuild.  Clarendon Park Fieldhouse, 6-8pm.

The organizer, Metropolitan Planning Council, says that each of the three meetings builds off the conclusions of the previous meeting, so your presence is requested!

Three things to keep in mind:
  • CPS owns Stewart and is required by law to accept the highest reasonable offer made.
  • The building will go up for sale in the next month or so.
  • What happens at these three meetings will help determine the bid requirements.
So it's not just hot air and fantasies. What happens at these meetings will have an impact on our community, and soon. Got an opinion? Come to a meeting.  A month from now will be too late.


  1. A Private School WITH a Trader Joe's?

    + Pup Pocket Park next to the CTA.

  2. Can someone please provide some comments from this meeting that took place?


  4. What I would do with Stewart School if I had power on the Chicago Board of Ed.:
    I'd close Brennemann and have the kids from Brennemann attend Stewart. Stewart is a bigger building, it's more solidly build and it's centrally located. I'd turn Brennemann into a Boys and Girl's Club or a community center. Converting Stewart into condos, a Trader Joe's or an Old Navy or some such thing, just ruins the neighborhood as far as I'm concerned.