Friday, May 23, 2014

POTUS Arrives At Montrose Harbor

It all went just as the news articles said it would.  Air Force One touched down at O'Hare at 5:40pm, the President emerged at 5:48, and Marine One took off for the city a few minutes later.  Officially, the President's helicopter and its two escort aircraft arrived at Montrose Harbor at 6:13, but our many observers and readers clocked it at 6:10. (Think about that the next time it takes you an hour and a half on the Kennedy to get to the airport.)  Readers in the Buena Park area said it was very loud in their part of Uptown.

Marine One and its two escorts on approach

According to news reports, Mayor Emanuel and President Obama had an intense conversation for about five minutes in the boat parking lot at Montrose Harbor.  Then the Presidential motorcade got on the road, entering the Drive at Montrose and heading south. This is what it looked like:

And normal traffic resumes.
In case you're wondering what all the vehicles in a presidential motorcade are for, here's a graphic explaining them.  Spare a moment's thought for the people who live in Washington DC who deal with multiple motorcades as a fact of daily life.

Some news reports have the President leaving Chicago Friday morning, and some have him leaving in the afternoon.  We're sure, whenever it happens, it will be noticed.

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