Friday, May 2, 2014

Photographer's Subjects Reunite Tonight At Reception

How cool is this?  The subjects of two of Uptown photographer Bob Rehak's portraits will be at the exhibit reception tonight at Wilson Abbey.  Bob says on his website, "There’s a story behind every one of these photos." Learn some of them from the people who were there.

It's forty years later, and three girls who posed for Rehak in the mid-1970s will be at the reception between 6pm and 8pm at 935 West Wilson to talk to guests about growing up in Uptown four decades ago.
  • Diana Gomez, immortalized as Pensive Guatemalan Girl, will be in attendance along with several of her family members.  Rehak says on his website, "I met this girl, now a fully grown woman, almost 40 years after taking this picture. She turned out to be as thoughtful as an adult as she appeared to be as a child. However, one thing did surprise me. She barely spoke when I photographed her; now she’s tri-lingual!"
  • Three friends, two of them sisters, appear in Black Girlfriends With Popsicles.  Two of the three ladies will be at the reception, and the third has a great reason for not attending -- she'll be at her college graduation instead.  Of this photo, Rehak says, "I found these girls near the corner of Sheridan and Wilson on 9/7/75. This is one of my favorite shots from the entire Uptown portfolio. These young women seem so happy. Friends and Popsicles! What more could kids want on a hot summer day?  .... The woman on the far right emailed me to say that the two on the left are sisters and still friends of hers to this day. She is married to a man in the recording industry. All three women are doing well with families and jobs. They live in the suburbs now."
For more on the exhibit, see our earlier post here.  For more about the photographer and to see many more of his portraits, visit  If you like what you see, you can purchase any of the photos at the exhibit, or buy the coffee table book signed by Bob at his website.

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