Thursday, May 22, 2014

No Gas For You, Uptown Theater!

A reader saw this notice on the Uptown Theater today.

Not really terrible news.  The Uptown needs natural gas for its new heating system installed this past winter, and that's about it.  Now that the weather's turned, it won't need heat for a few months.  It has no running water, so it doesn't need gas for hot water, or to run its non-existent stove or dryers.  Until it gets cold, the Uptown doesn't need natural gas at all, we reckon.

Still, just another indignity for the Grand Old Lady of Uptown.  When will she catch a break?  Will she ever get out of housing court?


  1. Personally, this monster is costing (taxpayers) too much money and should be destroyed. Better to tear it down and rebuild for the 21st century.

    1. how is this costing taxpayers any money? it's privately owned, first of all.

      now when it comes to restoring it, we'll have to chip in, but counting you out - there are still a good number of people (myself included) who think it's worth the investment.

  2. Are you kidding me? The Uptown Theater has been and again can be one of the absolute jewels of the city. To even consider tearing it down is sad to the point of angering.