Thursday, May 8, 2014

Man Shot In Sheridan Park This Morning

A man was shot around 7:15am on Racine.  Readers wrote us about what they saw and heard:
"Shooting at 4620 n Racine. Just walked out my door this morning to find cops taped off the front porch/yard of that building. Looks they found at least 4 bullet casings. No idea the situation."

"A man was shot at about 7:15 a.m. Across from the assisted living facility on the 4600 block of N. Racine. People from the firehouse heard it and started treating the injured man immediately (they ran out the back door of the fire station.) He is alive; I can hear occasional moaning in pain. 2 or 3 shots. Both men black. Shooter in black hoodie got into a gray Nissan minivan and drove north. Witness talking to police."
"There was a shooting on 4600 block of Racine this morning around 7:15. I was out walking dog, 3 shots fired. Someone shot on the porch of the 6 flat 2 north of the fire station. Lots of first responders on site. Lots of moaning & groaning from porch."
According to the Tribune and Sun-Times, the victim -- a 20-year-old man -- was taken to Illinois Masonic and is now in stable condition.  The Sun-Times posted that it was a drive-by.  We'll update if/when we have more information.

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