Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Heritage Bikes To Open On Wilson Avenue Late This Summer

We found out last summer that Uptown will be getting two Heritage Outpost locations, smaller versions of the coffee shop/bike shop Heritage Bicycle General Store.

Both will be in the lobby of FLATS buildings: one  at the Norman Hotel, 1325 West Wilson; and the other at Lawrence House, 1020 West Lawrence.

Eater Chicago has come out with an article about them, giving some rough dates (August for Wilson and next year for Lawrence), and includes the detail that the Wilson Avenue location will have a customer window to serve commuters on their way to the train.

(Remember our motto, folks, "Nothing ever opens on time."  We recommend taking all time estimates with a grain of salt.)


  1. This is awesome! They will be right by Baker and Nosh though. I hope they both may prosper with good coffee and relaxing atmospheres!

  2. The Wilson location is great, so close to Truman and touches close to Andersonville/Ravenswood.

    The Lawrence location has so much potential too. DIB could use another small, unique business to compliment them.

  3. Curious why they would open two shops mere blocks away from long time well respected neighborhood anchor, Uptown Bikes. Seems like a bit of a dick move to me, even if neither location was a full service shop.