Friday, May 30, 2014

Deer Me!

Around 7am Friday, some wildlife not usually seen in Uptown were spotted in the park.  The reader who sent us these photos says, "Two huge deer were stranded on the triangle of grass at the LSD Wilson entrance ramp. Darting towards LSD but ... Eventually crossing the ramp and heading west."

According to CBS Chicago, they eventually made their way down to Irving Park and Marine Drive, where police were called, and then Animal Control.  The deer were captured unharmed, and presumably are being relocated.


  1. I had seen them in Margate Park, just south of Foster, and followed them south for a few blocks, but then lost track of them when they started sprinting. They were beautiful and very large.

  2. Father and son? Mother and daughter? Deer are turning up in the most unlikely of places these days...

  3. Totally saw these guys crossing Sheridan near Foster about 6:30 that day, construction workers had to stop traffic to get them out of a parking lot