Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Confirmed -- Uptown To Be Landing Pad For Prez On Thursday

Ald. Cappleman confirmed in his weekly newsletter that the President's Marine One helicopter and its escort aircraft will use Montrose Harbor as their base for his visit to Chicago. He'll arrive sometime on Thursday and leave Friday morning.  This comes after multiple readers saw and sent in photos of the "dry run" that happened Monday.

"President Obama's Helicopter landing at Montrose Harbor. Our President is visiting Chicago this Thursday and his helicopter will be landing near the Montrose Harbor area later in the day. Sections of Lake Shore Drive will be closed. Check our 46th Ward Website for details when we get them."

Don't plan on trying to enter the park while the aircraft are there unless you'd like to meet some guys with dark glasses and earpieces.  And the Drive will be a nightmare while takeoff and landing are happening, so avoid that if you can, as well.

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