Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vinyl Lovers, Get Over To Shake Rattle & Read

It's that time again, when record stores live up to their name ....

When those who love the "snap, crackle, pop" of vinyl recordings can get their fix ....

When revolution refers to 45 and 33⅓ ....


Shake Rattle & Read, right next door to the fabled Uptown Theater, is participating.  Today only!  Get out there and have fun, you crazy kids.

Update:  SR&R's proprietor, Ric Addy, posted on UU's Facebook page---

"Hi UU - Thank you so much for helping spread the word yesterday! THANK YOU!! To everyone who came out and supported us on Record Store Day!

What a wonderful turn out and what FUN we had! It was a total blast seeing everyone smiling and having fun buying 'stacks of wax' !

And even after being in this same location for the last 48 years -it is so cool to meet so many of you that said it was your first time in my shop! See You All Again Soon!"

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