Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Drive-Through At "America's Drive-In"

The most-asked question in email to UU and on our Facebook page is, "When is Sonic opening?"

Blame the cold winter for the delay of Chicago's first Sonic, at Kenmore and Wilson.  While work on the building and interior went as planned, even as the polar vortex came to visit, the frozen ground made it impossible for the parking lot and curb cuts to be installed, or post holes to be drilled.  Once the outdoor temperatures reach 50 degrees on a continuous basis (fingers crossed that's happening right now), it will take about two weeks for the ground to thaw.  Once that happens, there's about three weeks' work left on the lot.

Workers are on the site each day, preparing and finishing what they can.  The signs are up and lit at night.  We understand that Sonic's workforce is being trained inside the building.  The photo above, taken from the Kenmore side, clearly shows the outline of drive-through lanes, with the pick-up windows ready to go.

Now all we have to do is wait for warmer weather, something Chicagoans have some experience with. It may not be happening as quickly as anyone would have liked, including Sonic, but rest assured that there will be tater tots and cherry limeades available this summer.

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