Monday, April 21, 2014

Sonic Watch Continues

Sonic waited all through this miserably cold winter to complete work on the grounds of its first Chicago store, at Kenmore and Wilson. Now that the ground has finally thawed, they're wasting no time.  What was mud and gravel just a few days ago is now poured cement.  Every day there's something new.

The double drive-thru lanes are ready

So are the carhop-serviced parking spots

Work on the two curb cuts on Wilson is underway
After everything is complete, there will be city inspections and probably some adjustments.  No one is even hinting at an opening date yet.  But at the rate construction is happening, you know Sonic is eager to get things going and start serving customers.


  1. Let's just hope the crime and shootings stop before this place opens-because car hops will have to be very careful out there.

  2. This parking lot is an atrocity in this area.

  3. An atrocity is a parking structure that cuts off a neighborhood from the lakefront or another neighborhood from public transit. An atrocity is a hospital that buys up cool buildings, tears them down, and adds to their parking lot sea/moat that surrounds their island of a building. And an atrocity is someone who labels something an "atrocity" without giving any context. If you live where you overlook Sonic's parking lot, wait until it's open, then work with the Alderman and your block club and Sonic to tweak the landscaping and fencing and lighting until it's a better fit. If you don't live there, suck it up and get over it--the rest of us will be happy to have another business here paying paychecks and taxes while giving us another dining option that appeals to all socio-economic levels. I'm happy that they aren't sticking purely with their standard drive-up format and are going the extra mile to appeal to urban pedestrian traffic...and they will get lots of business.

    1. None of those things are atrocities, either.

  4. Bear...

  5. The parking lot is an atrocity? Did you see the parking lot that was there before? Fenced in, unused, and nothing going on besides weeds coming up from the cracked blacktop?