Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Man Shot At Wilson & Broadway Tuesday Morning -- Same Shooter Killed Another Man On South Side Earlier

Photos of the suspect, his car, and the logo on the shirt he was wearing

An incredibly sad and senseless story today at Wilson and Broadway.

There was a shooting just before 10am in the parking lot outside Dunkin Donuts.  Here we go again with the gang stuff, we thought.

According to DNAinfo and the alderman, this incident was not gang-related.  Why this man was shot is unknown.  He's a 50-year-old man from North Lawndale, apparently not affiliated with gangs.  He's the father of 11.  He drives a medical supply truck and was getting coffee when he was shot in the head.  He underwent surgery to remove the bullet and his prognosis is unknown.

According to Ald. Cappleman's Twitter account, "Shooting at Broadway/Wilson this AM. Per Commander, does not appear gang-related. Have camera footage. Investigation ongoing."

We saw yellow tape surrounding the parking lot around noon, and saw a city truck with a raised basket retrieving something from the blue light camera across the street.  If there's any good news to this story, it's that there are many security cameras operating in the strip mall, so it's possible the shooter will be identified.  (It's how alleged gang enforcer Kelsky Patterson was ID'd last fall after a shooting at the same location.)

In the meantime, please keep Brion Payne and his family in your thoughts.  We can't even begin to understand why this happened.

Update:  The alleged shooter tried to shoplift from a convenience store on the South Side (Artesian and 63rd Street) just after 6AM today.  When he tried to leave the store, the cashier attempted to stop him.  The suspect shot the cashier, killing him.

At 9:45, he showed up at Wilson and Broadway and allegedly shot Mr. Payne with no provocation after they exchanged words.

The police describe the suspect as a male Black, dark complexion, low haircut, 5'08" to 5'10", medium build, and between 22-32 years old.  He is wearing a black t-shirt with a combination of Chicago sports team logos.

He is driving a late model white Ford Crown Victoria with damage on the passenger side, namely near the headlight/turn-signal assembly; on the fender near the front door; and on the front door itself. Additionally, the vehicle's driver side taillight is also damaged and inoperative.

Police say the suspect is considered armed and dangerous.  They ask people to not approach him.  Call 911 or (312) 747-8380 with any information."

Update:  The police took a "person of interest" into custody Tuesday evening, according to CBS Chicago.


  1. This is very sad and I am very sorry for this senseless act.

  2. There are nutty people out there. Gotta be aware of your surroundings at all times. Sad, but unfortunately, these type of people need to be institutionalized, because reading this story, no "sane" person would have committed these murders.

  3. I really really really think I saw this car driving around this morning, but I'm not sure and have no real facts. I left my home at 7:40am today and drove West on Wilson towards Clark, then continuing towards Ashland. Then later that morning at 8:17am, I went to that Uptown McDonalds to get a coffee. Either at the 7:40a or 8:17am time frame, I really think I saw this car. It was a very similar car if not, had 2 men in the front. I recall it as it looks like one of those undercover police cars, and I recall thinking to myself, why are the "undercovers" out so early in the morning today. And that's it, I can't recall other details. I just really feel strongly that I saw this car, driving East on Wilson at one of these times I mentioned. I really didn't see the drivers, I did notice they did NOT have police uniforms on.... I was going to phone it in to the detectives, but I really have nothing aside from I think the car was in the area earlier.... about 1.5-2 hours prior to the shooting. But not really certain.

  4. I was in the currency exchange when all this happened, what's really sad is this random act of violence could have been me my wife or both, my prayers go out to Mr Payne and his family. As a hard working person like many of the residents in and around the uptown neighborhood that always gets a bad rap, the best bet would be keep praying for safety and hope because there are no simple answers to these cowardly act's.