Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Benchwarmer Bandit" Suspect Caught

The suspected robber who hit six banks in a month, including one in Uptown and several in Lakeview, was taken into custody today after holding up a downtown branch of Fifth Third Bank.  No name or address on him yet, but the "Benchwarmer Bandit" was arrested on Chicago Avenue after police followed a tracking device that was inserted into the bag of money he took from the bank at 3:45 this afternoon.

He is alleged to have robbed:
  • TCF Bank, 3531 N. Broadway, 3/16/2014.
  • TCF Bank, 4355 N Sheridan, 3/21/2014.
  • TCF Bank, 2940 N Ashland, 3/24/2014.
  • Citibank, 3128 N Ashland, 3/29/2014.
  • Citibank, 111 W Jackson, 4/8/2014.
  • Fifth Third Bank, 1 South Dearborn, 4/15/2014.
The other local TCF/Jewel robber, the "Shady Lady" was charged on April 4th.

Update:  The accused is 28-year-old [REDACTED].  No address was given, but he's lived in the 6000 block of Sheridan and the 1000 block of West Irving Park.


  1. Now in the Jewel at 4355 Sheirdan TCF has screens at each bank service port cameras everywhere -security -about time TCF.

  2. "he allegedly robbed," or "the alleged robber."

  3. Robert, I believe "He is alleged to have robbed:" is actually correct as alleged is the past tense form of the verb allege as well as the adjective. Think "He is said to have robbed"

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