Saturday, March 22, 2014

Street Cleaning Starts In Two Weeks

A sign of the past?
Finally! There are signs this awful winter is nearly over. You can park your car next to the curb again, not next to three feet of solid ice. The daylight lasts slightly longer than the dark hours. And street cleaning begins in April, to get rid of the crud and muck that have collected on our streets.

We're not naive enough to think there won't be more snow or cold, but we will welcome the street cleaners with open arms.

Depending on where you are in Uptown, your streets will get cleaned different days.  Here are the schedules for the 46th Ward, the 47th Ward, and the 48th Ward.

Important note!  Ald. Cappleman's office says: "Starting in April, residents that park on the street will need to be mindful of the orange-colored temporary street sweeping signs. Vehicles not moved are subject to getting towed. ... In addition, the permanent signs we've had for years in the residential sections of the Ward were recently removed due to the City of Chicago Law Department's suggestion based on confusing wording about enforcement."

Another important note!  To avoid a surprise, sign up for SweepAround.Us.  You can choose to get an email or text reminding you that street cleaning is coming, and it's completely free (unless you get charged per text message received).  Especially with the permanent signs taken down, it may save you an expensive ticket or tow.

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