Friday, March 28, 2014

Somerset Place: Original Facade To Be Restored

Really great news posted to UU's Facebook page by the owners of Somerset Place:
"The exterior of both Sheridan and Argyle will be restored to its original fa├žade."
You may recall that the gorgeous detailed terra cotta arches that were part of the 1920 design of Somerset Place (5009 N Sheridan) were lost over time, and briefly revealed during the 2009 renovations, then promptly plastered over again:

Original windows revealed during the 2009 renovation (by Roderick Reves)

During the 2009 renovation (by Roderick Reves)
And then plastered over to put up mismatched brick.
They were again revealed during the current renovation, revealed in a post this past weekend.  Hearing that they will be restored to how they looked nearly a century ago is great news.

You can follow the restoration on Zidane Management's Somerset Place Apartments website or Facebook page.


  1. Wonderful news. This exterior will be a beautiful re-addition to the neighborhood!

  2. Kudos to the responsible ownership of the Somerset!

  3. You know what isn't great news? Being woken up three hours early everyday by jack hammers and drywall being thrown out of a window into a dumpster. Weekends and holidays too! Great great news..

  4. Darlene, if they are starting three hours earlier each day than their permit states, you need to contact Ald. Osterman's office and the city's Department of Buildings. Pronto. Those are serious breaches.

  5. They start at 7. I believe thats fine with the city of Chicago, but I work second shift and wake up at 10. I can understand M-F but not weekend days and holidays! Christmas Eve and Sundays I mean when do residents get peace and quiet?