Monday, March 10, 2014

Shots Fired; Weapon And Alleged Shooter In Custody

Warmer weather traditionally brings out spring fever, and Uptown's gangbangers were out celebrating in their own unique way Sunday evening.  Readers are reporting that a series of shots were fired at Leland and Sheridan around 7pm.  Police responded quickly and were able to recover the weapon and arrest the presumed shooter at Lawrence and Marine.

As a Facebook reader wrote:  "The cops caught the shooter plus two others at Marine and Lawrence and recovered the gun. Our building has shared our video footage and lots of witness testimony with the police."

As unwelcome as the gunfire is, it's not exactly a surprise when the thaw comes. There are still extra cops stationed in Uptown at the gang flashpoints and that paid off in this case. What is surprising is that a miscreant would choose to do anything at Sheridan and Leland, where footage of previous gang street violence and shootings went viral, and footage and photos of what went on there have helped catch the bad guys time and time again.  If there's any corner where you will be filmed, photographed, and multiple calls will be placed to 911, it would be Sheridan and Leland.

Calls, cameras, and cops.  That's the way to fight the gang violence.


  1. Let's not forget that these guys aren't the brightest bulbs in the box. I'm sure these won't be the last ones filmed on Sheridan and Leland.

  2. How about having police on foot patrol. That could help discourage these types of shootings.