Saturday, March 29, 2014

Petition Asks Park District To Keep Montrose Dog Beach Safe For Everyone

Photo courtesy of Xetark, at Flickr
The patrons of Montrose Dog Beach (Mondog Beach) are gathering online signatures on a petition directed to the Chicago Park District asking for the beach to be maintained for safety's sake. They claim that the sand on the beach has drifted and eroded, making it possible for dogs to escape over the barriers to the "people beach" and into traffic, making the beaches unsafe for everyone.

The petition states, in part, "Bulldozers are desperately needed to level the sand and move it away from the exterior barrier walls, as done in previous years - and then maintained. They should be high enough that even the largest dogs cannot scale the walls."

If you'd like to sign the petition to ask the Park District to maintain the sand levels at the beach, keeping the dogs away from bathers and traffic, you can find it here.  They are seeking 1,000 signatures.

Update:  On April 18, the originator of the petition sent this message -- "The Chicago Park District has pulled through! Thank you everyone for helping to get this task accomplished. As of yesterday they have leveled most of the sand and 1/3 of the fencing has been repaired. 2/3 to go says Kenneth at the Park District. And it should be done by the end of next week. Thank you again for your support. As the summer progresses, please keep emailing the park district if you can, as I am sure they will need a nudge to continue maintenance to keep our dogs safe."

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