Friday, March 7, 2014

Golden Oldies Welcome The Summer Solstice At Montrose Beach

Once again, Montrose Beach will turn into Yesterday's Hits Beach in June. It was so much fun having Huey Lewis play there last year that this year Boston and the Doobie Brothers will play the same spot on June 21st.  Tickets went on sale this morning, and they're still available through the Ticketmaster website, including sand/general admission seating.

Just like last year, The Dock At Montrose Beach will provide food and drinks, and they're thrilled to have another concert happening right at their doorstep.

Questions?  We're guessing the FAQ for the Huey Lewis concert is still pretty accurate.

Our friends at The Dock asked us to tell you that they will be opening their season this year on May 1st, no matter what -- "sun, rain or snow."


  1. Should be an interesting concert considering the voice of Boston, Brad Delp, committed suicide 7 years ago. Tough to replace such an iconic voice (though Journey was able to do so with some success).