Monday, March 24, 2014

Closer... Closer...

We don't have an opening date yet for the Foster/Sheridan Mariano's, but every day brings it closer.  Today a reader saw the signage being put in place.


  1. Oh how Bob Mariano must love putting his Mariano's sign on an old Dominick's store, I am sure it's priceless. We can't wait to have this store open full steam ahead and I know the neighborhood is all too welcome to have them in our hood'. I will be doing the happy dance when they open their first day! (and a regular at the wine bar!!!) Can't be too soon!

  2. This is actually in Edgewater. Details, details...

  3. Duke, it's 20 feet from Uptown's border and Uptowners will shop there. Did we SAY it's in Uptown?