Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cash Rewards Offered For Two Bank Robbers

Update: The "Benchwarmer Bandit" robbed another bank Saturday, March 29th. This one was a Chase Bank near Ashland and Belmont. If you know him, pick up some easy money by calling the FBI!

"Benchwarmer Bandit"

"Shady Lady"

Better odds than the lottery!  TCF Bank is offering cash rewards for information leading to the conviction of two separate bank robbers who are going up and down the North Side between Diversey and Berwyn robbing TCF branches located in Jewel stores.  The "Shady Lady" has hit banks in Edgewater, Uptown and Lakeview and she's worth $10 grand.  The "Benchwarmer Bandit" has hit three banks in the past ten days or so, from Uptown to Lincoln Park, and is worth $5 grand.

If you can identify either of them, call the FBI at 312-421-6700 or 911.  Chances are they're local to the area.  If you get the reward, you'll walk away with more money than either of them has gotten from TCF, and you don't have to spend any time at the Greybar Hotel to earn it.

CBS has a story on their recent crime spree, with some filming done at the Jewel at Broadway and Montrose, which has been robbed by each of them.


  1. Can we get the bankers arrested though?

  2. I'll keep my eyes open. I need a new pair of shoes...

  3. This guy struck in Lakeview agin yesterday-4355 Sheridan finally got a security guard -looks like all of those banks should have 1 and don't these banks have pics of these 2 right behind counter to see how these 2 favor those pics.I mean thses robberies just seem they are being done so easy.