Monday, March 31, 2014

Broadway Streetscaping Meeting Next Thursday

Broadway looking north, from Leland (courtesy Google Streetview)
From Ald. Cappleman's latest newsletter:

"One fact that surprised me during our research for the 46th Ward Master Plan was that many residents were leaving the Ward to do most of their shopping. We found this was the case across all the different economic groups within the Ward. Given that close to half of the residents in the Ward don't own cars, it was clear that there was an opportunity for more retail and more retail brings jobs.

To encourage more economic activity, we will be embarking on a major streetscaping project on Broadway from Gunnison to Wilson Avenue. It is important to me that our plans are "less car-centric" and more focused on all of the many different types of transportation that residents use... from cars to bikes, walking,  wheelchairs, and these days, more baby strollers. To learn about "complete streets", click here.

We Need Your Opinion!  There will be a public meeting to show you a number of different ideas to encourage more business development, from a proposed plaza in front of the Riviera to different types of lighting along the street. We will be opening the former Borders Building for this meeting so that people can get a first-hand look at the site where many of the proposals will be.

When: Thursday, April 10th from 6pm - 7pm
Where: Former Borders Building at 4718 N. Broadway

With all of the exciting developments that are happening in this area, it's more important than ever that we plan well. Your input will help point us in the right direction."


  1. Hey Cappleman,

    How about some cross walks and beautification on Lawrence between Clark and Magnolia? I have to cross with kids and it is never pretty. I'm not the only one, there are bus stops on the Boniface side of Lawrence. Some day someone is going to get hit crossing Lawrence Highway.

  2. Hey Whiting, how about showing up at a meeting instead of commenting at a blog? You might have a great point, but that is why we have public meetings

  3. Superhero,
    Where are you when we need you? Having cross-walks on busy streets with lots of pedestrian traffic shouldn't require public meetings. The lack of cross-walks and speeding on Lawrence between Clark/Magnolia has been brought to the Alderman's attention. They chose to ignore it. Maybe we can paint underpasses instead?

  4. Kinda rude for a superhero, as she does have children and made an effort to reach out.. Geez

  5. The point of public meetings is to bring these ideas to the alderman. What seems obvious to you is not obvious to everyone -- for example, i hadn't really considered beautification of lawrence west of broadway as a priority. But when I think about it, I think it's the right idea. A way to bridge the gap between clark and broadway. Please, bring this up at the meeting. As your neighbor, I want this opinion heard.

  6. I though I read somewhere that one of the plans they are implementing is putting Lawrence on a diet. Maybe this idea is already in the works.