Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Amundsen HS Gets "Happy"

We heard from the Film Club at Amundsen High School:
"Hey Uptown Update! If you have not heard, Amundsen High School has released a version of the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. We would like to know if you'd be interested in featuring the video on your site, considering many local residents of Uptown (Including the creator of the video, David Sullivan) attend our school."
According to Huffington Post, "Shot by Amundsen student David Sullivan, president of the school's film club, the video is meant to show off that students are more engaged and involved in their education since the school's current administration took over Amundsen in the summer of 2012, DNAinfo Chicago reports.  The video is also intended to inspire donations, via a DonorsChoose campaign, to help support future projects from the school's film club amid the programming budget cuts it has faced in recent years."

Congratulations to David and Amundsen for bringing such positive attention to a CPS school.

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