Monday, February 3, 2014

Please Help Out By Shoveling Crosswalks

If you're someone who has to shovel snow, we know you're sick of it. And more's coming Tuesday night.  And more later this week.

So we know it's extremely tempting to cut corners and do as fast a job as you can.  This has been an extremely frustrating past couple months, and it doesn't look like an end is in sight anytime soon.

But this is a community with a lot of elderly and disabled people in it, people who can't navigate uncleared corners and whose only other option is to use their mobility devices or walk in the street.

A reader asks the community at large to remember to shovel street corners and crosswalks when you're shoveling, to keep in mind the people who don't have the same advantages as the young and able-bodied.

"When shoveling, I take 5 extra minutes to make sure streets and alleys at crosswalks are passable. I've seen too many scooters, wheelchairs, and people pushing carts down the street this winter. Having clean alley and street crossings will help them to stay out of traffic."


  1. Thank you for posting this... I consider myself spry, yet have sustained multiple injuries this winter trying to navigate un-shoveled pathways. If you are a condo owner, your association needs to have someone cleaning sidewalks around your building. I've noticed that single-family homes tend to clear sidewalks better than multi-unit buildings.

  2. Way too many people don't shovel their walks. I've been calling/e-mailing Cappelman's office so they will send Streets and Sans out to give warnings/tickets to them. At least I hope it's happening. So many places along Hazel have NEVER shoveled in the 10 years I've lived here. A month ago a few of us helped an elderly woman in a wheel chair stuck in the street because the sidewalks were worse, forcing her into traffic. I also helped an older woman who fell and was bleeding and really hurt on someone's sidewalk but she refused to let us call 911 because she didn't have insurance. It's pathetic that home/condo/apt owners are not shoveling and that the city isn't aggressively ticketing them. It's the law. The city needs revenue. Period. If I decided to ignore speed cameras or parking meters I'd still be ticketed and have to pay for it. Why are people not being ticketed for this? It's not only public safety but it's your responsibility. If you can't do it/afford it then hire someone else or sell. DO YOUR JOB!

  3. I would like to heap some praise on a Mr. Dave Forristal. Dave is the property manager of Lakeside Place Apartments on Kenmore between Buena and Montrose. He has snow blown both east and west side sidewalks a couple of times this year. He is a man amongst men, and is single I might ad.

  4. Kudos to Dave from Lakeside Place Apts, because what we see from most landlords/property managers is a big middle finger to all of their tenants and community members. The lack of snow shoveling (which IS against the law) seems to fall on deaf ears, but you better believe the landlords have plenty to say when the tenant is doing their part. Uptown needs a lot more people like Dave Forristal.

  5. I finally got my snow blower working again. I enjoy doing the whole block but it seems all my neighbors beat me to it at 6:30 AM!!!