Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Details On Sheridan/Dakin Proposed Project

Loukas Development's proposed project at 3936 N Sheridan
Curbed Chicago spoke to Loukas Development and got more information about the proposed new building at 3936 N Sheridan that UU featured a couple days ago.  Read the entire article here. One thing that stood out, which may go towards answering the questions many readers expressed wondering why this particular location:
"Planning the building next to an L station is no coincidence either, as this project joins a litany of other proposed north-side-neighborhood apartment projects that want to focus on transportation oriented development. In addition to quick and easy L access, the developer wants to emphasize bicycle parking, which will be a featured amenity for the project."
Another thing we noticed was the design of the building just across the street, on the southwest corner of Dakin and Sheridan. Built by Loukas in 2006, its design and the proposed design of the new building, while not identical, do complement each other.

Loukas Development's completed project at 3920 N Sheridan (Google Maps)
We couldn't find any documentation telling the age of the current building at 3938, but it did show up in photos taken in 1937.  You can see them on the Chicago Uptown History blog, here.


  1. A transit oriented development, with 20 parking spaces? Also, I don't like the no trees on Sheridan, at least put one along the roadway. Do we think the brownish color to the building and windows is true to the actual materials and color scheme?

  2. I have a better idea. Keep this beautiful building standing and develop on the Thorek landbank just North of the tracks. This way we can keep this beautiful building which works so nicely with the streetscape and end one more nefarious landbank. It's win win!

  3. Except Loukas owns the building and land. And Thorek's land isn't for sale.