Thursday, February 6, 2014

Learn About Health Insurance Today At Truman College

Get Covered America is holding day-long health care enrollments today at Truman College, 1145 W Wilson, until 6pm.  Professional in-person assisters will answer questions -- including those about the availability of financial assistance -- and help students enroll in the Marketplace through If students or their family members are ready to enroll, they'll walk away with coverage that begins on March 1.

This is a month-long effort, and enrollment events are scheduled at Wright, Daley, Malcolm X, Olive-Harvey and Wright colleges.


  1. Be very wary if the Obamacare site tries to sign you up for Medicaid, especially if you are ages 55 - 64.

    If you are a new enrollee in Medicaid at ages 55 - 64, and have sufficient assets when you die, you have to pay back every penny of your Medicaid coverage. Federal law mandates that states collect this from your estate.

    Even if you can stay healthy until age 65 when Medicare kicks in, your estate will still owe. That's because in Illinois, Medicaid puts you into managed care for which the State pays a per-member per-month amount in your name.

    You can read the Tribune article about all this here: (need a password otherwise to read it on the Trib site)

    Good luck.

    1. Sorry, the link above is kind of a garbled translation. Here's a better one:

  2. Did UU get spammed? That is the biggest BS right wing fake article I have ever read. My computer feels dirty.

  3. It mentions Wright College twice at the end of the article.

  4. Unfortunately, this is not a hoax. Here is the link to the original Tribune online story, but you need a password to read it.,0,2240767.story

    Otherwise, maybe you can still find the print edition from Feb 5 (that's the date it appeared online).

    Or, you can do an independent Google search on the topic to verify.

  5. Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (OBRA ‘93)5 required states to implement a Medicaid estate recovery program. This is not a new issue...and there seems to be some cases where your assets might get billed --since you were supposed to be POOR in the first place. It's nothing Obama did, folks.
    This is not some new and evil provision of more government. Careful what Obama haters tell you.

  6. This is true (as the article alludes to), but it doesn't change the fact that Obamacare CAN put you into Medicaid, and strip you of your assets. It's not a matter of blame, it's a matter of knowing what your consequences are going to be.

    In such cases you are better off going to a private exchange. Unfortunately the Obamacare site does not tell you this. And then people are stuck.

    There's no "hate" in wanting to protect your hard-earned assets. Why would anyone suggest such a thing?

  7. Saying Obamacare CAN put you into medicaid is like saying the U.S government CAN try to take away your freedom and that is why you need an AR-15. Silly nonsense.

  8. Maybe I wasn't precise enough.

    Not only CAN Obamacare put you into Medicaid, it WILL, if you are ages 55 - 64 and earn less than $15,856.

    This isn't silly nonsense to the people trapped in this category (read their stories). Please read the Tribune article. If you can't get it, here's another source:

    I apologize for continuing this thread, but this is a very real problem and shouldn't be dismissed just because of one's politics.