Thursday, February 27, 2014

First Look: Safeguard Self-Storage At 5026 Sheridan

Rendering of the proposed self-storage at 5026 N. Sheridan
From an email to residents of Argyle-Winmore Block Club:

"Apparently, the driveway is behind the glass garage door towards the right and cars will enter with the door closing behind them. Also, there are '3 feet of planters,' though I'm not sure what that means precisely. I'm trying to see if we can get the developer to meet with our block club to go over the details at a more commuter-friendly time (i.e., after 6:30pm).

In the meantime, Dan confirmed that the Alderman's office (Osterman) had previously requested a downzone of the property, but the storage company had already requested permits. It appears that the downzone request is likely to be denied, but the Alderman's office might have some influence over the aesthetics details of the project."


  1. It would be nice if they could arrange their building so that it includes two ground level storefronts (one of each side of it's entrance) to lease out. It would generate income for them and would leave possibility in that space at ground level for more "neighborhood friendly" businesses.

  2. This is a huge improvement over the previous image which I understand was speculation. However, this kind of project would be more appropriate at a different location other than on Sheridan Road. This is not the highest and best use of this property in the context of the neighborhood surrounding it. To the extent the City is able (and willing) to plan this are more carefully, this project should be rejected.

  3. I would rather keep the space as it is than build this. This part of Sheridan Rd. could use a restaurant, coffee shop or store that will make it more lively. Something that will complement Tweet and Big Chicks, which are the only bright spots in the area. A storage business does absolutely nothing for the neighborhood, which we are trying to claw back from decades of abuse and neglect.

  4. This stretch of Sheridan Rd. is mostly residential and could use a restaurant, coffee shop or store to serve residents, liven up the area and complement Tweet and Big Chicks, the only bright spots in this part of Uptown/Edgewater. A storage business brings nothing to the neighborhood, which we are trying to make more livable after years of neglect.

  5. I'm sure that the self storage facility will incorporate some other F&B and other forms of business. It really would be quite a waste if the land isn't maximised for other uses!