Thursday, February 27, 2014

Catalytic Converter Thieves Back In Business

courtesy of How Stuff Works
A thievery trend that has hit all over the country is surfacing in Uptown (again).  A reader says:
"I learned about catalytic converter theft as a regular reader of Uptown Update, and I'm sad to say that my car was chosen for this crime sometime over the past few days. It was parked on Carmen Ave, between Broadway and Glenwood, where I've lived for nearly four years with absolutely no issues. I filed a police report (I want to note that it was a very easy process, and the officer (on 311) was extremely friendly), had the car towed, and am waiting to see what will happen with repairs and insurance.

Thanks to what I learned about this theft previously on Uptown Update, I was able to pretty quickly determine that's what was wrong with my car, and I knew how important it was to file a police report. In the scheme of things, this isn't that big of a deal (no one was hurt, I had the time to deal with it, and the ability to cover the cost to fix it), but it is an expensive and time-consuming pain. I wanted to share that it happened in case you think others should be made aware."

There are deterrents -- engraving your license plate number on your catalytic converter, having it welded to the car frame, or asking a muffler shop attach some extra metal to make it harder to remove.  The best deterrent is to look out for your neighbors and call 911 if you see anyone inspecting their cars or lying or crouching near it.  A reminder to call 911 if you see any suspicious behavior.


  1. The problem is also the junk yards who knowingly buy these catalytic convertors & other "scrappy metals." There is always pickup trucks digging through our garbage (making a mess) looking for scrap in the early morning hours.

  2. The advent of the cordless sawzall (reciprocating saw) has ushered in a new era of thievery. If you see two feet sticking out from under a car and hear a buzzing / sawing sound , call 911 . Whats next, the Lincoln Park wheel thieves ?