Thursday, January 30, 2014

Windows Of Opportunity

A neighbor of the former Hotel Chateau, 3838 N Broadway, writes this morning:

"From my window across the street I can see that windows are now being installed.  THIS is MAJOR.  The look of this building has been a HUGE blemish on the street for decades and now that is about to change."


  1. So glad to see this fine old building rescued and restored to the beauty it once had.

    Even gladder to see one less fetid, crime-plagued SRO on the north lake front. The neighbors have been trying to get this place shut down for 30 years- congrats to Cappelman for allowing it to happen.

  2. It's incredible how much nicer that block has become since they shut that skeezy dump of a flophouse down. About freaking time.

    1. Indeed! I noticed a lot of "average people" foot traffic on the sidewalks there now, even a group of elderly ladies talking outside Horizons Café--which I never recall seeing much of before. It's a nice change. And that whole stretch from Halsted/Addison to Broadway/Irving Park will be transformed within the next year or two--the new LGBT senior housing at the old Town Hall Police Station is zooming along, the scaffolding at the new Halsted Flats next to IHOP is down (and I'm guessing the building will be move-in ready this summer), the remodeling at the Gill Park Co-op is great (hoping they get some ground floor business tenants in there), 'nuff said about the Chateau, plus there may be something built across the street, and the old Mobil station is being dismantled and should be replaced with more apartments. New life! If Thorek would either build something on their Broadway lots where McDonalds used to be or sell to someone who would build on them, the momentum will continue up Broadway. It's amazing what can happen with an alderman who isn't unfriendly to developers!