Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Update On Trench Adventures

Good news on the tire-destroying, pedestrian-endangering, soul-sucking trench in the alley behind Big Chicks, on the 5000 block between Kenmore and Sheridan.  We heard from the staffs of both Ald. Cappleman and Osterman about it, and things are getting better by the moment.  In sum,
  • The trench is being filled with temporary concrete today and should be completed by tomorrow, then sealed.
  • In the spring, when weather allows, the alley will be asphalted and completed.
Our thanks to the reader who sent in the photos and alerted us to the problem, and to the aldermanic staffs in both the 46th and 48th Wards who investigated the situation and then reached out to let us -- and by extension, you --  know what was going on and when the problem would be solved.  Nicely done, all.

1 comment:

  1. Well, if there are conversations going on in the background to resolve this, great. But the trench is still there and from a driving perspective and the residents that have to deal with this this daily just to get to and from work in our own homes, there was no visible action today.