Friday, January 31, 2014

Smart Grid Coming To Uptown

You've probably heard the ads:  "The smart grid is coming."  Well, it's here!  These trucks were spotted at Cullom and Broadway. 

The smart grid is technology that makes it easier for the electric company to find out when there's a power outage and to know where to fix it.  Right now they depend on customers to let them know when the lights are out, which is why you need to call 311 when there's a streetlight outage (and there's been a ton this winter).  For more about the smart grid, here's an article from the Tribune that does a pretty good job of explaining.

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  1. Ah, that answers my question about why there have been ComEd trucks up and down Broadway for the past week or two. My lights were flickering the other day while they were working so I just assumed it was more reparative compared to infrastructure upgrade. Thank you for posting!