Monday, January 20, 2014

Language Stars Grand Opening Festivities Begin Today

Language Stars, a full-immersion foreign language school for children ages 1-12, is opening at 4846 North Clark this week, with festivities beginning today.  It all culminates on Thursday, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a raffle, the main prize being a free year of tuition for your child.

You can check out the schedule of events here.  There's some fun stuff, including a performance by the Lycée Français children's choir, a discussion in Mandarin of the upcoming Lunar New Year, and a showing of Despicable Me in French.

Language Stars teaches Italian, Mandarin, French, Spanish and German.  You can find out more about their programming and methods at

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  1. Now for something completely different and not in any logical way related to this post. I posted a RANT of epic proportions on my little read blog.

    We have 400 days until election day. Do you know where your polling place is? Are you registered? Did you pester your neighbors to register? Are you wearing a kilt? Do you hear bagpipe music in the background?

    Also if someone could post a link to it in various UU Facebook posts I would appreciate it. Since I live in the basement I inherited from my great granny I'm not on FB. Social media offends me. Now anti social media I could get behind, but that would be an act of sociability which would by definition negate the anti social part. Damn.